10 soft skills to future-proof yourself

Future-proof with soft skills

Flying back from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol last year, my baggage was checked in by a machine, which swallowed up my baggage after I had input certain details on a touchscreen monitor, and delivered me a ticket with the info related to the baggage and flight destination printed on it. The lady in uniform was only hovering around that area in case anyone had difficulties checking in their baggage. My baggage arrived home with me safe and sound.

Automation is here. Chances are you are getting your daily news digest written by robots for major newspapers and medias. And instead of fearing whether your current or future job will be replaced by robots, there is a better attitude you can adopt in planning your next step ahead: learn about the skills that will enable you to take advantage of the shifting landscape of work.

Future-proofing yourself means to further develop your soft skills, or human skills — skills that can’t be automated yet — and there are 10 such skills that can improve your employability.

According to experts, these are the skills that you may want to prioritize to stay relevant in the future workplace: the ability to communicate and work well with others, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management, negotiation, as well as high emotional intelligence that enables you to serve others.

Together with technology literacy, these soft skills could make you more employable in the top five industry sectors in 2020: technology and computational thinking, caregiving, social intelligence and new media literacy, lifelong learning, and adaptability and business acumen.

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Source: World Economic Forum

Image Credit: Ben Sweet

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