EmpowerU 500 for 500

For a donation of HK$500, you can help EmpowerU provide a domestic worker with a 50% scholarship!

Did you know that there are over 385,000 domestic workers in Hong Kong, representing 10% of the city’s working population? Many of these domestic workers have to leave their family and young children behind to provide for their loved ones, while supporting Hong Kong families through child and elderly care, grocery shopping and housework, enabling Hong Kong women to re-enter the workforce after child birth to earn an additional income.

Working long hours for six days a week, these domestic workers often lack opportunities to further their education while in Hong Kong. Which is why EmpowerU, one of FSI’s portfolio companies, was born.

Initially free lectures given by Dr. Michael Manio to 20 domestic workers on the streets, EmpowerU, formerly (DWEP), has grown into a nonprofit educational and empowerment platform that graduates hundreds of domestic workers every year, and the only migrant worker program that is developed and taught by university professors on a university campus.

From financial literacy to basic rights, CPR and AED training, media studies, child and elderly care, arts and literature, leadership and entrepreneurship, EmpowerU’s classes, taught by top education partners at The University of Hong Kong every weekend, are designed to prepare the domestic workers for the future, whether in domestic work, a different career field, or even entrepreneurship.

How you can help: 

EmpowerU is currently fundraising for $500 scholarships for 500 domestic workers. Every bit of your donation will go into empowering these domestic workers who empower the people of Hong Kong!

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