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Wise At Work - Logo

Wise At Work

Wise at Work is a for-profit social enterprise and provides an online platform for professionals over 50 to upskill and find work. We truly believe that age should not define who we are and are working to re-imagine the potential of a rapidly ageing world.

Weava - Logo


Over 170,000 students and researchers from all around the world rely on Weava to organize their academic research and studies with Weava online web & PDF highlighter.

Good Financial - Logo

Good Financial

Good Financial is a fintech social enterprise that provides ethical, low-interest loans to women migrant domestic workers through their mobile phone. We’re tackling a broken, exploitative industry and aspire to save our customers at least HK$100 million by reducing the interest rates. We also supercharge our customers’ savings in our unique “loan + save” model, which is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

MYEO - Logo


MYEO is an organisation founded to provide resources and opportunities to the youth of Myanmar, assisting them in sourcing and securing new opportunities overcoming various professional development challenges. MYEO now has an established brand providing professional development opportunities to over 50,000 young people every week through its website and social media platforms.

Migrasia - Logo


Migrasia is an incubator that fosters and incubates solutions to problems relating to the migration of peoples, particularly in Asia. Migrasia utilizes a multi-faceted approach to tackle the major problems associated with migration by funding and is dedicated to promoting an ethical recruitment process for foreign workers via technology, advocacy, research, journalism, and education.

CMHA - Logo


The CMHA HK is a Hong Kong organisation dedicated to supporting City businesses to create a good culture of mental health for their employees. Regionally focused, we exist and operate within the global principles of the CMHA, but are adapting our approach to be targeted specifically to both the Hong Kong context and need.

24 Hour Race - Logo

24 Hour Race

The 24 Hour Race is the largest, student-run global movement to end Slavery. Students volunteer to organize or run our races in cities across the globe, building valuable social entrepreneurship skills. Funds raised through our races support anti- slavery NGOs to create lasting impact.

Own Academy Logo

OWN Academy

OWN Academy is an innovative education company that focuses on learning with a purpose and a career life direction. Creating a powerful learning journey is our expertise and we do so through finding 21st Century industry professionals to be our teachers, introducing cutting edge ideas, our classrooms are created everywhere to foster a life long learner mentality.

Twopresents - Logo


Twopresents, a Hong Kong based social enterprise, was founded by Mia, Mike, Karola and Shirin. We are all parents who are keen to teach our kids how to live greener and more responsible lives. In our quest to ensure our next generation learns the importance of giving back to the community, we set up Twopresents.

852 Designs - Logo

852 Designs

852 Designs is a student-run social enterprise that offers students a creative outlet in regards to design, online retail solutions, and business development. The overarching goals of 852 Design Studio is to catalyse the creativity in Hong Kong, develop a sense of community and pride, and support sustainability by ethically sourcing our products.

EmpowerU Logo


EmpowerU is a civic organization under the auspices of The University of Hong Kong that provides free lectures, trainings and workshops mostly to migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong on Sundays. The ultimate aim of the program is to create a positive image for domestic workers, their family, and their employers.

Soap Cycling - Logo

Soap Cycling

Soap Cycling is a non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that provides recycled soap to NGOs/charities for hygiene and sanitation projects throughout Asia.