24 Hour Race

The 24 Hour Race is the largest, student-run global movement to end Slavery. Students volunteer to organize or run our races in cities across the globe, building valuable social entrepreneurship skills. Funds raised through our races support anti- slavery NGOs to create lasting impact.

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Project Description


Asia’s largest youth-led endurance challenge that brings young people together in the fight against modern slavery.

By working with high school students to set up and execute all 24 Hour Races, it aims to transform students into social entrepreneurs and innovators, while raising funds and awareness about modern slavery.

There are approximately 40 million people enslaved in forced labor, human trafficking, sex slavery, forced marriage, child labor, bonded labor, and domestic servitude. And the number of modern slaves grows each year.

Through student-led races, conferences, and other projects such as Operation24, 24 Hour Race mobilizes thousands of students in a movement that raises funds to fight slavery while giving young people leadership opportunities and the voice to bring change.

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