The CMHA HK is a Hong Kong organisation dedicated to supporting City businesses to create a good culture of mental health for their employees.

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Project Description


The City Mental Health Alliance – Hong Kong is a collaborative venture that is led by business for business to create mentally healthy workplaces. Its vision is to help workers at all levels talk about mental health without fear of stigma, for mental health to be recognized as a boardroom issue considered essential to maximize business performance.

Mental ill health is costing Hong Kong employers between HK$5.5-12.4 billion a year, equating to around HK$1 million per organization per year on average. Mental ill health is a consistent and common feature in professional services companies in Hong Kong, and the stigma attached to mental ill health is widespread, with 55% of employees having experienced stigma personally and/or know of someone who has due to a mental health condition.

Through research and data collection, providing training and toolkits and resources, and hosting events, CMHA HK encourages businesses in Hong Kong to take practical steps, and take a leading role as influencers to help drive the strategy on mental health for businesses and the broader community.

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