Migrasia is an incubator that fosters and incubates solutions to problems relating to the migration of peoples, particularly in Asia.

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Project Description


Migrasia is a non-profit social incubator founded for the purpose of supporting fair, ethical, and transparent migration within Asia.

Migrasia supports ethical migration ventures, empowers migrant workers through educational opportunities, and develops technical solutions to promote fair placements and migration practices.

Every year throughout Asia, millions of men and women migrate to find work to support their families. However, this migration process is fraught with challenges ranging from non-transparent placement practices to inadequate education. These migrant workers often fall victim to unscrupulous employment practices by agencies, who deceive and manipulate the placement process for their own financial interests. Even if a job placement is successful, there is inadequate resources available for migrant workers to advance their skills and livelihood.

Migraisa provides migrant workers with access to education and skills advancement through EmpowerU, while making the migrant worker recruitment industry more efficient, transparent, and ethical for all stakeholders through Polaris Tools.

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