Twopresents, a Hong Kong-based social enterprise, was founded by Mia, Mike, Karola and Shirin. We are all parents who are keen to teach our kids how to live greener and more responsible lives. In our quest to ensure our next generation learns the importance of giving back to the community, we set up Twopresents.

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Project Description


An award-winning social enterprise that combines an online invitation platform with a charitable gift solution.

The Twopresents concept is centered around reducing gift waste, teaching children about social and environmental issues in their communities, and supporting social causes to make our world a better place.

With parties and festive celebrations come the wastage of unwanted gifts and gift wrappers. Twopresents aims to tackle not just the issue of environmental waste, but also to raise awareness of the underprivileged communities that could benefit from charitable gifting.

Instead of bringing presents to the party, guests are invited to contribute money online towards the celebrant’s gift/charity fund. This fund is then split – one portion is sent to the celebrant so he/she can buy a special gift, and the other is donated to a meaningful cause. The Twopresents platform enables the host to choose the gift, the charity to support (from a list of 39), and also the percentage that the charity will receive.

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